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Our products

Our multi-beam mask writers stand out through their precision and high productivity.


Our products

We drive our developments beyond technological barriers of physics. We work for leading-edge production of semiconductor chips today and for chip generations of tomorrow.

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The fully-developed Multi-Beam Mask Writer (MBMW) offers both precision and exceptionally-high productivity for mask technology nodes from 28 to 5 nanometers (nm).

As of 2016, IMS has been serving the mask industry with MBMW-101 mask writer production tools for use with the 7-nanometer technology node. The first MBMW-201 2nd generation MBMW-201 tools for the 5-nanometer technology node will be delivered in 2019.

The world’s first multi-beam mask writer for 6-inch photomasks, the MBMW Alpha tool, was realized in February 2014. In 2016, the MBMW’s data rate was increased by a factor of ten, to 120 Gbit/s.

Supply rack for high voltage, data path and system control
Electron-optical column
Platform with air-bearing vacuum stage
Automatic mask loading station


The decisive advantage of our multi-beam mask writer over conventional technology (single variable shaped beam VSB) is improved productivity, with a mask write time of less than 10 hours. This makes complex mask patterns possible, in particular for curvilinear Inverse Lithography Technology (ILT), without an increase in mask write times.


Electron beam energy at mask substrate
50 keV

Programmable beams
512 x 512 (262,144)

Multi-beam field
82 µm x 82 µm

Resolution / positional accuracy
14 nm / 0.1 nm 

Maximum current density
1 A/cm2

Maximum electron current
1 µA 

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