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Hightech made in Austria

The technology leader in multi-beam mask writers comes from Austria.


Hightech made in Austria

Know-how, entrepreneurial spirit and commitment make us the global technology leaders.


High Tech made in Austria

Successful and innovative in the mechatronics and custom-engineering branches.

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IMS Nanofabrication GmbH is an Austrian business and the global technology leader for multi-beam mask writers. Our customers are the largest chip manufacturers in the world, who rely on IMS' technology to produce current and future chip generations.

Our innovative multi-beam writers play a key role in chip manufacturing and provide significant added value to the semiconductor industry. They are continually customized and refined by an interdisciplinary team, in line with the latest market demands.

Over the last ten years, we have perfected our electron-based multi-beam technology. The first generation of systems (MBMW-101 – 1st generation Multi-Beam Mask Writer) is successfully operating all over the world. The 2nd generation Multi-Beam Mask Writer, MBMW-201 has entered the mask writer market in Q1 2019 for the 5nm technology node.

At IMS, our know-how is shaped by a diverse team of experts from a multitude of disciplines, such as physics, electronics, development, project management, supply chain management, production, service and administration.

“Our multi-beam technology is the key to the evolution of the semiconductor industry.”

Dr. Elmar Platzgummer, CEO

Vision & Mission

We have a vision to redefine the boundaries of the semiconductor industry. Our mission is to be the first choice for multi-electron beam recorders.

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Distinctive milestones provide information about the development of electron beam writers. The history of IMS Nanofabrication GmbH from 1985 until today.

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IMS is a multidisciplinary high-tech company. We specialize in innovations in electron beam lithography at the nanoscale

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