IMS Nanofabrication GmbH has commercialized the world’s first high-throughput multi-beam mask writer. IMS‘ first multi-beam tool generation is named MBMW-101 and was rolled out in 2016 offering superior accuracy and productivity for mask technology nodes from 28nm down to 5nm.

The MBMW-101 operates with 512 x 512 programmable electron beams focused into an area of 82um x 82um, using IMS’ proprietary electron optical reduction system. The individual beam sizes can be customized between 10nm and 20nm to match the lithography or patterning requirements. The current density is adjustable up to 1A/cm² with a maximum current of all beams of 1uA to ensure leading edge throughput performance.

The key advantages compared to the conventional variable shaped beam technology are the improved productivity and the capability for high exposure doses, hence enabling complex patterns such as inverse lithography technology (ILT) and EUV related pattern designs for high volume manufacturing.

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