IMS Nanofabrication GmbH is a leading edge manufacturer of electron multi-beam mask writer systems. With customers all over the world, IMS plays a key role in the advancement of semiconductor technology and enables modern mask houses to produce most advanced 6-inch masks down to 7 nm technology node and beyond.

The history of IMS goes back to the very beginnings of advanced lithography technologies. With the company’s expertise in large field charged particle beam optics, both ion multi-beam as well as electron multi-beam solutions have been pursued. For more than ten years IMS has been focusing on the optimization of electron based multi-beam mask writer technology. The high volume tools where realized in collaboration with a consortium of international semi-conductor companies. The current generation of MBMW-101 tools has reached the full performance of production tools and can be found in leading edge mask houses around the world.

Highly sophisticated technology innovations paired with substantial engineering know-how are required to meet the high standards of the semiconductor industry and to keep pace with sub-10 nm technology scaling. Therefore, the IMS personnel consists of a well-balanced mix of experts in various fields, most of them with specialized technical and academic background.

IMS is committed to providing customers of today and tomorrow outstanding performance and support on their road to success.