IMS is a leading technology innovator for electron beam equipment used in the semiconductor industry, in particular for writing of photomasks. These masks are key components for the manufacturing of IC´s (Integrated Circuits, used for example in computer chips).

With the support of our 200 employees, we have completed the first commercial product and have started market roll-out. We are therefore expanding our operations and related teams for manufacturing, tool distribution, service and support of tools at customer sites. Our operational unit relies on a strong team running procurement, production, quality assurance, logistics, and general administration.

To consolidate IMS’ leading technology position we continuously improve our RnD capabilities. The technical challenges of electron beam mask writing needed for future tool generations, are exceptional and touch the limits of physical and technical feasibility. We therefore engage an interdisciplinary team of highly skilled experts to develop, maintain and continuously improve our leading edge multi-beam technology. Key expertise include Electronics, Physics, Computer Sciences, Software, Mathematics, Material Sciences, Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering, Semiconductor Process and Packaging, Microsystem-Technology (MEMS).

Being a knowledge-based company that is growing quickly, we strongly rely on the expertise, experience and dedication of our employees. We offer exciting and challenging positions in a high-tech environment for innovative people with talent and passion. To become part of our team please use our application form. Please also consider to send us your unsolicited application, if you are interested to join IMS Nanofabrication.